Membership in the Irish Society / NCR is open to all.

Submit a membership application for a new membership or to renew your annual membership.

Please forward your membership application and fees by cheque, payable to Irish Society / NCR, to:

Irish Society / NCR
PO Box 5112
Ottawa, ON
K2C 3H4

Annual Membership Fee

Individual (Under 60)

$ 30.00

Individual Senior (60 and over)

$ 25.00


$ 35.00

Payment of the annual membership fee provides membership for 12 months (January 1 to December 31). Renewal notices will be sent to members at least one month prior to the expiry date.

Note: Members are are urged to advise the Chair, Member Services ( or Box 5112, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H4) of any change of address.

All members receive a copy of The Society's Irish Society/NCR Newsletter, either via email or Canada Post. Membership will also give you access to all the latest news and information on Irish events taking place in Ottawa and the surrounding region – some of these events at a discount to our members.

Become a member and help build a lasting cultural legacy for future generations of Irish and Irish Canadians. Make new friends, celebrate your roots and help strengthen Ottawa's Irish community.

If you would like to know more about the Society, or if you would like to make the Society stronger by volunteering to assist with some of the Society's activities, please contact us:

(leave a message and someone will return your call within a couple of days)